Thursday, August 23, 2007

Museum Fundraiser in Albia, IA

I just noticed that I haven't posted anything for 10 days! My days (and nights) have been filled with creating things to take to Albia this weekend for a fundraiser I am doing for the Monroe County Historical Museum. I made 5 collage art pieces on canvas using gel transfer images from Albia along with 7 little boxes, 7 hat boxes and of course, I am taking jewelry, bookmarks, & microslide ornaments too! Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Anyway, the car is packed and I will leave tomorrow morning for the Saturday event. Will post photos next week when I get back in town. Wish me luck...would be embarassing to take my "art" to my home town and not sell a thing! Of course, I'll play on the sympathy sale, "it's for the museum." LOL

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