Monday, August 11, 2008

Bibbidi Bobbidi Ball at Paper Whimsy

I don't know why I ever start out with an "idea" in my head for a project cuz my muse just takes over and does it her way! SHE didn't want to create what I had envisioned so I went along with her...I never argue with my muse. :o)

However after we finished her gown, I asked permission to make mine and she contentedly agreed. I have posted both of the finished gowns below and am going to let you decide which one I should "wear" to the ball. My muse and I have agreed that your vote will make the decision and we are NOT telling you which creation belongs to who. We also know that one gown looks more "ball-like" but we would like you to vote for the gown that you like the best! If you would like to leave me a comment telling me why you chose the one you did, I would be thrilled!
If you'd like to, please tell your friends...I would like a good mix of people voting. Thanks...I will let you know on August 25th which gown won.
The poll is POSTED TO THE RIGHT of this blog post and I think the choices are are self-explanatory....Asian-Inspired Gown & Flower-Power Gown shown below left to right. :o)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bitty Row Houses - Playful Nudes

I bought this gorgeous "Playful Nudes" collage sheet transparency from ARTchix Studio right before the yahoo group switched to a no-nudes posting policy. Unfortunately, as an "adult" group, we were getting too many ads from yahoo listing links to pornographic sites. What a bummer huh? Really, there was not other choice but it was a big bummer to have this gorgeous group of ladies and not be able to create with least not yet. :)

If you are under 18 or if nudes offend you, please look the other way but I do hope you will enjoy the copper row houses I made for Lenna Andrews' current swap. I LOVED working with the copper! I used copper mesh, copper sheets and copper tape. I embossed, distressed, painted and texturized it....and next time, I am going to try heating it! After I had the houses cut out, I used the new DigiSheets from Paper Whimsy for the backgrounds. Then I began auditioning images and the Playful Nudes transparencies just seemed "right". I love how they look over the swirling fruity backgrounds and in creates a bit of voyeuristic art....which I love! Hope you do too. Namaste, Carol