Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Microscope Slide Pendants

I love using these slides and frames. I'm going to try putting some distressed ink on the frames to "age" them a bit. Will see how well the ink works on the metal but for now, they are just silver-tone but very cute! I used ARTchix images, transparencies & words. Easy!

Glass Slide Ornaments

I have already started selling these darling little Christmas ornaments! I used ARTchix images, German scrap & "pebble" stickers. Darling images and words. I made coiled wire hangers using silver-tone 18G wire. I'd better get busy and make some more! I love them.

Fundraiser was a SUCCESS!!

Hello, my lovlies! Finally got unpacked and wanted to show you what I made to sell for the Musuem fundraiser. I was able to raise $550 for them and in addition to my jewelry (which always sells) I sold 2 pieces of ART, my first!

These are 6" x 8" canvases covered with my gel transfers that I love so much! I used vintage photos & postcards from Albia and under/overpainted them with acrylics, watercolors & liquid chalk. On some of them I embellished with watch parts and images.

Monroe County Courthouse c. 1880 - Sold

Public Library - Sold

Pumpkin Wagon - Souvenir Monroe County Fair- Available $25

Interurban Trolley #1 - Available $25

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Junk Mail ATC Art Doll Swap

In the middle of everything else last week, I did manage to get these two art dolls mailed off to my swap partner in Canada. They are ATC Art Dolls and we had to use junk mail. They are both made from catalogs I got in the mail. I wanted to try the "zetti" look so had fun with the face and legs on the Blessings doll. The Teatime doll is made with tea-leaf legs and while it doesn't show it very well in the photo, there is glitter "steam" rising up from the teakettle.

The worst part about this is that I used to throw the junk mail in the trash without even looking at it and NOW I have to look at it first! Oh drat! Just got a really cool envelope in the mail with stained glass religious photo on the front of it. What will it become?


Museum Fundraiser in Albia, IA

I just noticed that I haven't posted anything for 10 days! My days (and nights) have been filled with creating things to take to Albia this weekend for a fundraiser I am doing for the Monroe County Historical Museum. I made 5 collage art pieces on canvas using gel transfer images from Albia along with 7 little boxes, 7 hat boxes and of course, I am taking jewelry, bookmarks, & microslide ornaments too! Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Anyway, the car is packed and I will leave tomorrow morning for the Saturday event. Will post photos next week when I get back in town. Wish me luck...would be embarassing to take my "art" to my home town and not sell a thing! Of course, I'll play on the sympathy sale, "it's for the museum." LOL

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poets Dreams - Exceeded My Expectations!

I just got my first order from Poets Dreams and they far exceeded my expectations. In addition to the fabulous quality merchandise that I ordered, they sent a smalATC-sized glassine envelope full of goodies. Here is a photo of the "freebies". Impressed? I am. The photo doesn't show it but there are 5 blank ATC cards there too! In addition, the sheet of stickers I ordered was wrapped in a gorgeous 7Gypsies 12x12 paper. I was highly impressed by this first order and would definitely recommend them! Way to go Poets Dreams!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Halloween ATC's

I made several different cards for the Halloween contest. I started out with stickers and such and hated that process. It looked to manufactured for me and I quickly moved on to other inspiration. After making 13 cards, I chose the five that I thought would look best in the small size of faux postage. They aren't necessarily my favorite 5 overall but I think the best to enter. Here are the other's I made. If anyone made extras and is interested in swapping one of their Halloween cards for one of mine, just let me know. :-)

Watercolor pencils used on this one. Very fun!

Painted the Gold German border black. Also used watercolor paper and my new watercolor pencils for the background. Yummy!

Fun transparency over the the vampire bat!

My mom gave me this sheet music. Love it! No longer available - gave it to my Mom!

Swapped - no longer available -swapped with Randi Hunter.

Love those little microbeads! - No longer available - swapped with Sue Young.

Foxy shoes for the sexy witch! Va-va-brrooom! No longer available - swapped with Denise Hunter.

Halloween ATC's Submitted for ARTchix faux postage

These are the five cards I submitted to ARTchix for their YahooGroup Collaborative Project: "Halloween" Faux Postage. I'm not sure how many they select from the group but hope that they like at least one of mine to put on the sheet. I would be so honored and proud to represent such a cool company!