Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fundraiser was a SUCCESS!!

Hello, my lovlies! Finally got unpacked and wanted to show you what I made to sell for the Musuem fundraiser. I was able to raise $550 for them and in addition to my jewelry (which always sells) I sold 2 pieces of ART, my first!

These are 6" x 8" canvases covered with my gel transfers that I love so much! I used vintage photos & postcards from Albia and under/overpainted them with acrylics, watercolors & liquid chalk. On some of them I embellished with watch parts and images.

Monroe County Courthouse c. 1880 - Sold

Public Library - Sold

Pumpkin Wagon - Souvenir Monroe County Fair- Available $25

Interurban Trolley #1 - Available $25

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Anne Hartman said...

Love the pictures! Is this Albia, IA??? Just wondered because I am speaking in Albia IA on Thursday, to a women's group about my medical mission trip to Nigeria this summer. If you have some connection to Albia, IA, I'd love to hear about it!

Anne Hartman