Thursday, August 23, 2007

Junk Mail ATC Art Doll Swap

In the middle of everything else last week, I did manage to get these two art dolls mailed off to my swap partner in Canada. They are ATC Art Dolls and we had to use junk mail. They are both made from catalogs I got in the mail. I wanted to try the "zetti" look so had fun with the face and legs on the Blessings doll. The Teatime doll is made with tea-leaf legs and while it doesn't show it very well in the photo, there is glitter "steam" rising up from the teakettle.

The worst part about this is that I used to throw the junk mail in the trash without even looking at it and NOW I have to look at it first! Oh drat! Just got a really cool envelope in the mail with stained glass religious photo on the front of it. What will it become?


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christinemm said...

Wow those are great junk mail art dolls.

I use junk mail all the time.

I keep a box open and chuck the 'good' pieces into it as I go through my mail. Needless to say I have more than enough saved for future use.

One thing that recently I find is great thick papers with solid colors that I can use in collage or to make die cut/punches out of. Also I've been getting envelopes made of vellum. How can one resist the temptation to keep those things and to make art with them??

I can't!

Thanks for linking to me in your sidebar. I am getting clicks through to my blog.

My art making slowed down this summer. But today I uploaded six ATC scans, of ATCs I finished yesterday.

Have a great day!