Friday, August 3, 2007

Halloween ATC's

I made several different cards for the Halloween contest. I started out with stickers and such and hated that process. It looked to manufactured for me and I quickly moved on to other inspiration. After making 13 cards, I chose the five that I thought would look best in the small size of faux postage. They aren't necessarily my favorite 5 overall but I think the best to enter. Here are the other's I made. If anyone made extras and is interested in swapping one of their Halloween cards for one of mine, just let me know. :-)

Watercolor pencils used on this one. Very fun!

Painted the Gold German border black. Also used watercolor paper and my new watercolor pencils for the background. Yummy!

Fun transparency over the the vampire bat!

My mom gave me this sheet music. Love it! No longer available - gave it to my Mom!

Swapped - no longer available -swapped with Randi Hunter.

Love those little microbeads! - No longer available - swapped with Sue Young.

Foxy shoes for the sexy witch! Va-va-brrooom! No longer available - swapped with Denise Hunter.


J Morgetron said...

I love altered art. I've been experimenting with it myself. I have a friend who does amazing things with board books. Nice blog!


eve crowe said...

Very nice work Carol.
Theresa from Artchix