Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digital Whisper

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A few months ago, I joined a community of digital artists that are inspiring, challenging, educational and supportive. The group is called Digital Whisper and while the group is invitation-only, I would be happy to invite you if you are interested in stretching and growing your digital art skills. Kimmie, the group leader asked what digital whisper meant to reply was, “A whisper is something I keep inside, deep down in my soul, at the very core of my being...and when I create art, I share that part of me with others. Not everyone knows my secrets and I don't have to share my story if I don't want to...but in my secrets are shared but not everyone will hear them.” What does "digital whisper" mean to you?

Four Eyes

Another mixed media/digital art collage...All the elements are from original mixed media art I created, scanned, then mixed together digitally. Fun?


...nuff said!

I Might Leave Marks

I'm sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes; I might leave marks!

Destination Unknown

I am beginning to experiment by using some of my mixed media art pieces as elements or backgrounds in my digital work. Do you like it?

Circus Raven

OMG, I love this model! She is extraordinary to look at and a joy to work with. Do you notice anything unusual or unexpected in the collage?

Caffeine Dreams

This is one of my absolute favorite know how when a piece just falls into place and you like the elements, the colors, the images, and the effects? Well, this is one of those collages for me. If you would like to purchase a coffee mug with this design on it, it is available at the Digital Whisper Cafe Press store, found here. It's only $12.99 and the profits go to help support the DW annual fees.

Angel I, II, and III

Okay, I was obsessed with these doll heads for a while but I've moved on now! LOL

Color Pallete Challenge

Trying to create a color pallete for future challenges on Digital Whisper. Didn't get all the hues just right so am still looking for purple in my past art's definitely a color I DON'T use! LOL

The Grandville Diamond

Just a bit of Steampunk-oriented fun with a touch of J.J. Grandville tossed in!