Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digital Whisper

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A few months ago, I joined a community of digital artists that are inspiring, challenging, educational and supportive. The group is called Digital Whisper and while the group is invitation-only, I would be happy to invite you if you are interested in stretching and growing your digital art skills. Kimmie, the group leader asked what digital whisper meant to reply was, “A whisper is something I keep inside, deep down in my soul, at the very core of my being...and when I create art, I share that part of me with others. Not everyone knows my secrets and I don't have to share my story if I don't want to...but in my secrets are shared but not everyone will hear them.” What does "digital whisper" mean to you?

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peggy gatto said...

digital whisper is a chance to create and inspire and LEARN!