Sunday, July 20, 2008

Faerie Cupcake Pincushion

This month, my Etsy Street Team is designing and creating pincushions. I will be in SAN ANTONIO (yippee!) that night so I made mine ahead and posted it to the group.

My inspiration came from Gale Blair who recently returned from England. We were talking about cupcakes, scones and cream teas...which turned to faeries and whimsies and next thing you knew, I was making a Faerie Cupcake pincushion featuring a whimsy from the fabulous PaperWhimsy shoppe.

After I snapped the photo of the pincushion, I started playing around with it digitally. I'm not very experienced in that department but it was fun. I actually made it "transparent" (don't ask how, I could never repeat the process! LOL) and put a layer underneath it that is a vintage wallpaper which is where the scrolls came from. I have plans for this image...more details to follow. Such fun!


Annette said...

Hi Carol,you have been so busy! What lovely pieces you've made!Thanks for your sweet comments at my place, glad you enjoyed the Annette

theresa martin said...

I do love your sweet pin cushion!

I have given you the wild woman award - details on my blog! Thanks for brightening my day and being a good friend.

~*~Patty said...

Your pin cushion is absolutely enchanting and beautiful! The butterfly on the wire - ooohhh Love that touch! Your digital photo certainly is exotic looking, that is a strange land to me....I'm so not there yet with that technology!

Sarah said...

Carol just love this pin cushion its sooo cute. Thanks for the inspiration.