Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christmas Memory for Gina

...and believe me it was difficult to choose just one! I have so many....Baked Eggs, Home-made Rolls, Ham Balls, Stockings on the fireplace...but I guess those are really favorite traditions. Here is the arch I made for know "To: Gina" "From: Carol" :))

The first photo is the front...I made a little gown and coordinating robe out of paper and then made little wire hangers to hang them up.

The second photo is the back which has a pictur eof my mom in a Santa cap surrounded by Christmas trees, ornaments and a hang-tag that says "Do Not Open Until December 25th".

And finally, the third photo is of the back with the "tag" in the open is a personal note to Gina telling her about my favorite Christmas Memory. Would you like to know what it says? I'll be happy to tell you...but not until December 25th. LOL

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