Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hilda Conkling Butterfly in the Wind

This weeks Quote Challenge on the Paper Whimsy forum is "Butterfly in the Wind" by Hilda Conkling...I absolutely fell in love with the words and couldn't wait to create my collage. I have chosen to create all of my quote pieces in an altered book I have and started with tissue paper background, some cheesecloth and off I went! LoL

Read these words by Hilda Conkling and be inspired to create your own art.

Butterfly in the Wind
All of a sudden
Blown to my hand
Wings of dewy color,
Silvery flaky dust along my finger...
I wondered where he had come?
I asked him where he was going?
Butterfly words are faint
But I heard his answer...

I never know!
I am a wanderer in the wind.


Debby said...

Carol, love this piece, gorgeous.

SarahD said...

Oh Carol So beautiful and the poem too.