Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gel Medium Fabric Transfer...OH FLIP!

Picture this...I'm sitting here alone tonight with my Cinderella collage images in one hand and my castle images in the other...yes I'm participating in Lenna Andrews' Brothers Grim Collage Swap sponsored by the generous Leslie Elledge at Alpha Stamps.

Okay...so I'm sitting here with my castle images and some plain fabric thinking now how am I going to incorporate these two and before I knew it I slathered some gel medium on the printed image, slapped the piece of fabric on it and brayered it together. After about a minute, I pulled the paper off and there was this freakin' cool transfer. I shouted "Oh Flip!" and Ginger looked at me like "what now you dork?"

This transfer is so simple, I can't believe that I haven't done it before. Now I am so excited to work on the next phase tomorrow night which will include the Cinderella collage sheet images I chose from AlphaStamps and who knows what will ensue from there. Can you figure out which AS images are going with these backgrounds? If you haven't tried this technique before...get going sister! You won't regret it! Not to brag, but aren't they stunning? :)) Good ole' beginners luck...gotta love it! Hugs, Carol


Lenna Andrews said...

Carol, your transfers came out so awesome! Many people do not have such an easy time getting things to transfer at first, but I am so glad you did. Isn't it amazing? I have a free class on fabric transfers at ARTchix Studio.com that could help anyone looking to try this!

lenna : )

Tami Roth said...

I love it, Carol! You are so cute!! I have done this only once but need to more because it is really easy isn't it?! Thanks for reminding me sweetie.
Tami R.

Christy said...

These transfers really are stunning. Now I am going to have to try fabric for transfers. I would give anything for a good transfer.

ScaryCheri said...

awesome transfers Carol. I will take your advice and get after it, lol. The pages turned out gorgeous. Hugz, ScaryCheri

MiyaSohoza said...

Maybe this is a stupid question - but what "gel medium" did you use?

Carol Stocker said...

Hi Miya! I couldn't find your email address but here's the answer to your question...I used Liquitex brand Matte Gel Medium for these transfers but I have also used Golden brand and it works the same way. Basically, the ink transfers to the "gel" and like magic, it transports itself to the fabric! LOL Good luck!

Jo said...

Hi Carol,

the transfers look lovely. I wanted to ask, what happened when you peeled the paper away, did you have to let the fabric dry?

all the best


Carol Stocker said...

Actually, jo, the fabric was just a wee bit "gel-covered" and only took about 5 minutes to be dry to the touch as I recall. I did let them dry overnight completely before starting to incorporate them as the background. :-)