Friday, April 11, 2008

Six-Word Memoir

Can you tell your life story in six words? I have been tagged by the lovely Theresa Martin to do just that.

The rules:
1. Write your own six-word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog (and include a visual illustration if you'd like).
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.
4. Tag 5 more blogs with links.
5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.I am tagging:

After pondering all my six-word possibilities, I finally decided on these important six words... "The Door Closed Hard...I Survived."


eve crowe said...

WOW, what an incredible memoir. Very mysterious! Thanks for playing, you've left me wanting to know more...

Ms Dragonfly said...

interesting, lose, rejection, triumph. sounds like a hard life possibly.

beautiful painting!

christine said...

That's a good one, Carol -- Don't know if I can top that! I have to think on this one -- I love the art you included here.....

catworx said...

What a fabulous memoir and art piece to accompany it!...I've neglected my blog & just saw your comment...I will definitely play but need some time to think on this one!


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Oh my.......I just now saw this...and like cat, will need to think on it a bit. Such a Scorpio. But I will absolutely play.

Oh, and I hate to have to choose a favorite in the selection of arches........but I think I am going to choose the blue green ones. The color and composition just jump out at me. But the truth is, I think you have done an outstanding job on all of them.

xo Rella