Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valentine Ornaments featured in Sky Blue Pink Gallery

Woo-hoo! I just got an email from Christina Gibbs at SkyBluePink and my bamboo tile Valentine Ornaments are being featured in Gallery One on their website! I am listed as Lady Carol and I couldn't be more thrilled!

She also mentioned me in today's newsletter. This is what Christina wrote:
"NOW SHOWING - The Right Most Honourable Curator of the Royal Art Gallery is pleased as punch to announce two new Gallery exhibits for thy viewing pleasure. One of our long-time customers, blah, blah, blah...

We also have a picture from a new exhibitor, Carol Stocker. Lady Carol was enchanted with her recent Surprise Goodie pack of Big Bamboo Tiles, and she rushed off to the studio to create her stunning Valentine's Ornaments, which also feature our LOVE Keys. The Queen and all the Royal Staff love the idea of ornaments for Valentine's Day!"

Isn't that just the coolest thing? If you need any cool stuff for non-fancy prices, check them out! They have really unique items and outstanding customer service!


Linda Manning Findley said...

Congrats Carol ..... such great work deserves publication ..... Linda F

Linda Manning Findley said...

Congrats Carol .... such wonderful work deserves publication .... Linda F

Dawn said...

Yay Carol I am pleased as punch for you because lets be honest here these charms sooooooo deserve to be shown off to as many people as possible so a BIG CONGRATULATORY HUG from me