Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Artful Hands - 8x8 two page spread

One of my groups, alteredartswaps, is doing a year-long project where 13 of us "mingle" our art. We will make our own covers and punch the holes so that at the end of the year, we will have 12 delicious pieces of art in a book. Each of us chose a theme and we are assigned partners monthly. This month I created for Barb Burkard and her theme is "My Artful Hands". She requested that we trace our left hand on one page and our right hand on the other page and then "art away". OH, and she asked for sepia tones & vintage papers.

This project was a bit of challenge for me. I did the background (notice the stenciling?)...easy peasy...then I traced my hands, no problem...then blockage! What to draw? I don't draw what? I decided that it's best to just get started and let the art flow so that's what I did. Seriously, it took me almost 8 hours to draw and doodle the henna-inspired a major cramp in my hand! But when I was done, it looked okay and then I added the darling little 3-D of my new favorite elements...put a little "hair" and a bow and I'm done. LOL. I hope Barb likes it, I certainly had fun...NOT! LOL...well maybe a little. tee-hee
One good thing though, I had to "stretch" a bit and for that I'm grateful. Thanks Barb!


coolcone said...

In my opinion, this spread in one of your best creations to date. So much intricate detail to keep the viewer interested and engaged. And you think you can't draw? How wrong you are, dear

Dawn said...

I am drooling over this, your hennaed hands are awesome - what a fab project to be a part of, and Barbara is such a sweetheart x looking forward to seeing more of this collaboration xxx

Mija said...

Wow! Carol, these pages are excellent! your drawing skills are impressive. i was immediately drawn to the Henna design but then looking more closely, saw how personal the drawings are as well. beautifully done!

:-) Mija