Thursday, July 5, 2007

I can still remember...

Here is my very first gel transfer project. I think it turned out really cool and I had a lot of FUN doing it!

Here is the original photo:

  • I took the beginning photo of my friend, Nancy, when I was on vacation this summer. I digitally altered it using Paint Shop Pro and then printed it onto lightweight paper using a color inkjet printer.
  • Next, I put two thick coats of gel medium on the photo copy; letting each coat dry between.
  • While the transfer was drying (24 hours), I prepared the canvas by doing some underpainting and texture building in places where I wanted it to show through later.
  • When I was ready for the transfer, I soaked the paper in warm water for about 5 minutes and using my fingers, began "rolling" the paper binding off the gel medium. When I was done, I put a medium-thick coat of gel medium on the canvas and placed the transfer on it. I used a brayer to roll it on really tight and also removed any little air pockets that occured.
  • After that dried for a few hours, I began doing some overpainting. I added some shadows, some highlights, the scrollwork in the bottom right corner and the lettering under the marque, "I can still remember". I also used some walnut ink and distressed it in a few places.
  • I painted the sides of the canvas a dark charcoal grey and trimmed it out in dark brown felt ribbon. Then I added 4 decorative antique brads on the sides. I just love finishing out the edges of the canvas. Much more creative than putting a frame on it! LOL

Overall, I learned a lot with this project and had so much fun. I have already started my next project using what I learned and can't wait to see how it turns out.

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