Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carol Murphy Online Joggles Classes Starting

Carol Murphy is getting ready to start two new online classes on Joggles; Altered Tin & Enchanting Encaustics. She is so talented and her prices are great! If you want to check them out and/or sign-up, here is the link. Have fun!


GoodchefT said...

I'm trying to find Karyn Gartel and it looks like you took one of her classes.
Do you have a link to her web page?
I google altered diva and it comes up as apartments for sale.

Carol Stocker said...

Hi...good question. I clicked on the link I had to Karyn's ning group and it doesn't exist anymore. It's unfortunate because I didn't finish the two other classes I paid for. Does anyone know what happened to Karyn? Is she okay? Sending hugs and well wishes to her wherever she is. xoxo

Terri said...

HI Carol,
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments about my Shoe video.
I hold the upper down while drying with a bone folder slipped inside while it begins to hold. The clock ticks and I hold it and mold it....and then I try the other side the same way. There is a bit of negotiating to do. Oh, and I curl the upper a bit first to shape it like an upper would be shaped. I hope that helps.
I couldn't find and "e-mail' me button on your page, so I hope it is OK that I answered here.