Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've been TAGGED!

I was tagged by the mischievous Christine to play this fun little game --

Go to your computer photo album.
Go to the seventh folder.
Go to the seventh image.
Upload to your blog and tell what it is.

So here is the photo..... it's my sister, Diane & I on our vacation last week! We stayed at the French Quarter Resort at Disney World and an adorable lady named Ethel asked if she could take our photo standing in front of the Sassagoula sign at the cafeteria. Of course we said "YES!" and here it is! We had such an amazing vacation; laughing, singing and dancing our way across absolute blast and tons of inspiration for future art projects. Love ya Diane!


julie mitchell said...

Aren't times with our sisters the best?!!! You two look so happy! Making memories....enjoy, julie

Dawn said...

Sisters, sisters there was never 2 lovely sisters... great pic
(I still have to do mine)

what have you in the bag Miss Carol, lots of art supplies for when you have nothing to do..???lol