Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gothic Arch for Donna

My gothic arch this month for the Altered Chix group was for Donna. Her theme was Edgar Allen Poe and we could create whatever we wanted around that theme. I chose "The Pit and the Pendulum" which, as a child, scared the be-jeezuz out of me! We had a babysitter one time that let my sister and I watch this on TV with her...we (sister - 9yrs and I - 5 yrs) were scared out of our minds and when our parents found out.....well, let's just say that I never saw that babysitter again! LOL

It was a fun theme though and I like remembering that time of my life. I made a transfer image of Vincent Price in his character but ended up putting the 3-d face and hands over Price's's rather gruesome and gives me the shivers when I look at it so I feel that I created the true feeling of macabre. Hope Donna likes it!


theresa martin said...

Oh, I love this. It's deliciously dark!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

I do love this arch Carol....really LOVE the face with hands!

My sister and I had a babysitter like that....she let my little sister play in my makeup kit (where you make your own makeup)while she was on the phone all sister got into the hot pink dye and used it with no lipgloss base she was pink for a bit. No, she never babysat us again